Why Freelancers and Startups are Choosing Tricity Trade Tower as Their Office Destination?

Freelancers and startups may seem like lone-wolves, but recent trends are proving something else. Today, they are looking for an office space where they can find everything from a new age infrastructure, innovative workspaces to ultra-fast connectivity. In fact, most of the respondents expect to see an increase in demand for office spaces. Thus, it is foreseen that freelancers and startups are at the forefront of this changing office space revolution.

Spread over 2.25 acres, Tricity Trade Tower provides freelancers and startups with a choice to relocate to the state-of-art buildings well suited to their needs. This project provides all inclusive package offers endless benefits at one simple price. Well, these are only a few of the reasons that are appealing freelancers and startups to choose Tricity Trade Tower as their working destination. If you’re still not convinced, then read this post to explore more reasons:

Option to Configure and Customize

Tricity Trade Tower offers a wide array of options to configure and customize your office without any hassle of maintenance. Although we provide fully furnished office spaces, you are free to customize the furniture style. With plenty of choices, you can choose a way of working that suits you best. You can even configure the layout of your office.

Flexibility at its Core

As your business changes with time, you may need to change the size of your office. Tricity Trade Tower offers the flexibility to scale up or scale down your business as needed. Flexibility is at the core of everything, so it’s a good news for freelancers as they don’t need to pay anything for relocation. It is assured that you’re sure to enjoy the flexible services.

Tricity Trade Tower world-class infrastructure offers various business grade IT and telecom solutions to help freelancers and startups grow without any need to spend much.

Plug and Play

With fully equipped workspace, you just need to turn up and plug in to get straight down to an office that includes everything you need to have in your office. Modern, ergonomic furniture, professional working environment, conference room and convenient locations to do your business.

Affordability at its Best

Affording a fully equipped office space is difficult for freelancers and startups, which is where Tricity Trade Tower comes into play. Fully furnished office space with facilities such as intercom, receptions, CCTV camera security, bar and cafe ensures you don’t need to pay separately for anything. Located at a prime location, NH-64, Zirakpur- Patiala Highway, Tricity Trade Tower ensures your business is visible to clients so that you are able to compete with the rivalries in your field.

Other Facilities

At Tricity Trade Tower, reception is also available to greet guests. It’s a great offer for startups to impress their clients, lounge, small break-out areas like terrace garden, swimming pool, cafe, bar and food courts take away the dull feel from the everyday office atmosphere.

It’s a great opportunity for freelancers and startups to move into space where growing needs of expanding businesses are met and a professional working environment.

Tricity Trade Tower is a massive commercial project with 3 towers, 250 units and 12 floors of unlimited options. Each of these 12 floors can accommodate up to 40 offices, depending upon the size and scale of a business which may vary from 500 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft.

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